Wipe Out Hate

Stop Hate Speech Online

International Day Against Fascism and Antisemitism 9 November 2013

An atmosphere of hate is growing in Europe and hate speech and online hate are already a fatal, daily constant. People are looking for someone to blame – comparable to the 1930s the dangerous “us” and “them” rhetoric is again commonplace.

Hate appears in many forms – right-wing extremism, populism, fascism, extreme nationalism, xenophobia, romaphobia, islamophobia, antisemitism – but it always brings the same poisonous consequences for communities and society at large. Minorities are discriminated or even attacked whilst the majority remains silent. Hate not only leads to violence, discrimination and exclusion, but is a dangerous threat to democracy and peace as well. Europe has been here before: it ended in the Holocaust. That is why we must remember the past and take a common stand for our future.

Since 1992 the UNITED network stimulates and coordinates the International Day Against Fascism and Antisemitism around 9 November and calls upon the international community to bring an end to hate. Every year many local campaign activities take place in over 45 European countries, with people opposing hate in their communities and promoting inclusion instead. By acting together on 1 common date we will draw European-wide attention from the media, the general public, and also policy makers, on our common demand: WIPE OUT HATE!

Through the UNITED network organisations are provided with campaigning-tools (Facebook, Twitter, Web-site with interactive event Map, free campaign material and more), advice and access to contacts in a network of like-minded organisations for possible cooperation.

We ask NGOs, community organisations, schools, local municipalities and all manner of groups and individuals to join forces and confront hate with local actions. Organise activities, join the Facebook page, check the website, support others, spread the message: JOIN the 9 November Campaign to WIPE OUT HATE!