Speak up now! Fighting fascism is not radical, it is necessary!

9th November 2019 marks the 81th anniversary of the ‘Kristallnacht’ pogrom in 1938 in Germany and Austria, turning the discrimination against Jews that started in 1933 to a systematic persecution, which culminated in the Holocaust merely three years later.

Fascism, however, did not cease to exist after 8th May 1945. Today, racist, fascist and Neo-Nazi movements are on the rise all over Europe. Neo-Nazis hunt and assault migrants, Muslims, Jews,  Roma, LGBTQ-activists, people living with disabilities and other minorities, using rallies as a cover-up for their hate-crimes. Neo-Nazis and fascists are not only taking action on the streets: in most countries of Europe, far-right movements also have a parliamentary arm, sometimes even as part of the government. While disguising themselves as democratic parties, they use public money and governmental power to create an authoritarian rollback controlling media and imposing autocratic changes in their countries’ constitutions.

It is fearful that the inhumane actions of the fascist regime(s) in the first half of the 20th century could be repeated. We MUST fight now for this to never happen again. That’s why UNITED for Intercultural Action is calling upon civil society to raise their voice and get active through our campaign under the slogan ‘Speak up now! Fighting fascism is not radical, it is necessary!’

Starting on the International Day Against Fascism and Antisemitism on 9 November, UNITED will mobilize civil society to take a firm stand against Neo-Nazis and fascists as history is otherwise doomed to repeat itself. We want people to take action in their city, municipality, region or nation against fascism, racism, sexism and hate based on a religious belief.

UNITED’s campaign International Day Against Fascism and Antisemitism will be a year-long campaign from now on.

Under the slogan #EliminHATE, this year’s campaign will focus on the question: What is hate today? 

Since every community in Europe has its own historical experience and understanding of fascism, please help us create our common Anti-Fascist Calendar, an overview of dates of anti-fascist celebration and commemoration throughout Europe. Fill in this form based on what you know about the traditions in your country and/or the activities in your organization. 

UNITED is a network that we all create together, and the input and expertise of your organization is highly valued. We look forward to your contributions!

If you organise an event, if you publish an article, a video, pictures or posters relating to this day, please send an email to us to 9november@unitedagainstracism.org and we will share it on our campaign Facebook and website.

Start planning your activities

If you need some inspiration for your activity, you can always check the list of Best Practices on the Day Against Fascism website as well as UNITED information leaflets on organising activities such as the Human Library, and how to use Holocaust education in antiracism work. We also have a lot of resources on how to organise activities for this campaign, including how to organise activities on a budget, and how to organise last minute activities – check here.

And, once again, don’t forget to fill out this form on the anti-fascism traditions in your country and/or the activities in your organization!

Don’t forget to use the campaign hashtags on social media:
#SpeakupNow #FightFascism #9November #DayAgainstFascism #DayAgainstAntisemitism


Don’t forget: Even small acts can change the world!