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UNITED against fascism and antisemitism

Since the early 1990s, UNITED has coordinated and inspired annual pan-European antifascist activities to mark 9 November. The aim is two-fold; firstly, we commemorate victims of the “Kristallnacht” pogrom and, more broadly, victims of the Holocaust and of fascism throughout history. Secondly, we want to warn societies about the danger of nationalism, populism, racism, antisemitism, right-wing extremism and neo-fascism today. We mobilise different groups and individuals to build a common front against hate ideologies and violence.

Hundreds of various organisations and informal groups of all kinds have taken an active part in the campaigns. It is time for you, too! The campaign is pluralist and open: there is place and space for all.

The strength of this campaign is having a diverse European movement taking part in a common action on November 9, using a common theme and slogan. We use different approaches but we have one shared vision of a society without hatred and discrimination, based on equality and human rights.

You can organise public discussions, meetings with eye-witnesses, demonstrations, commemoration activities, conferences, poster and media actions, cultural events and much more on 9 November. See for ideas the ‘Get Active! – How to Organise an Activity?’ – Guide and good practices on the campaign site.

Add your voice to thousands of others; by speaking out together for an intercultural open society we are louder, our message is stronger and it travels further. Everybody can give a valuable contribution to commemorate ‘Kristallnacht’. Being active against fascism and antisemitism does not necessarily require large organisational capacities, big budgets or years of experience – in fact, even the smallest event can make a big difference, and all that is needed from you is creativity and the will to act.


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